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Women in Recruitment is supported by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), and sponsored by Barclays plc and Squire Patton Boggs. The Committee members are all passionate about ensuring that the industry we have worked in for many years continues to offer exciting but meritocratic opportunities for everyone within it.
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Women in Business

Organisations around the world are creating forums to promote, support and develop the women within their businesses, following the belief that having a strong diverse workforce is better for business and positively impacts the bottom line. Research shows that at the time when women can add the most value to a company, they leave, citing reasons including a lack of career progression, corporate culture and work-life balance – to say nothing of salary and the gender pay-gap.

At Energize, we want to ensure that everyone can have a long, successful career and that provisions are put in place to make this happen, positively encouraging women within our business. Our policy was featured in Recruiter magazine and here I want to develop those ideas.

Throughout my career in the recruitment industry I am privileged to have worked with some extremely strong and determined women who have supported me and developed my skills, and without their influence I would be at a different point in my career. Much of this guidance came with a caveat; a woman must choose between having a successful career, and starting a family. Thankfully, this seems to be fading for women in a modern workplace – but there is still more to be done.

Energize endeavours to assist employees returning to work after maternity and paternity leave by providing a framework tailored to the needs of each individual; including home-working and flexible hours, adjusted targets, adopting agile, responsive and personalised policies that larger businesses might struggle to implement.

Within this communicative culture, it is essential that employees are offered every opportunity to maximise their professional development without hindering their personal ambitions. It is for this reason that Energize has launched a “Women in Business” forum.

This initiative is designed to support, develop and enable our women to achieve greater representation, equality and success, and was inspired by the Women in Recruitment group, whose expressed aims and purpose includes: “to help Engage, Develop and Connect individual females within the recruitment profession; To inform, advise and assist organisations to understand the opportunity that sits behind Gender Diversity and to Establish the Recruitment Profession as a “Brand of Excellence” in Diversity and Inclusion practices”.

Women in Business networking group

Women in Business networking group

Source: http://www.energizerecruitment.co.uk/women-in-business/

Author: Clair Staines

I wholeheartedly believe if these forums can be the ideal opportunity for the women to create a network that not only aids the women within Energize, but enables them to reach their full potential. Energize is striving to support and develop the women in our business to have successful careers, and their personal choices should not hinder them from attaining further professional accomplishments.


Our aim is to create a group that empowers the women in our business to realise their goals and achieve success, whatever that looks like for them. Our next meeting will focus on personal branding, where will be discussing the perception of female chief executives Emma Walmsley at GlaxoSmithKline and Marissa Mayer of Yahoo.