Women In Recruitment | The Enjoyment of a Mid-Week Business Lunch!
Women in Recruitment is supported by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), and sponsored by Barclays plc and Squire Patton Boggs. The Committee members are all passionate about ensuring that the industry we have worked in for many years continues to offer exciting but meritocratic opportunities for everyone within it.
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The Enjoyment of a Mid-Week Business Lunch!

I was fortunate to this week be invited to an enjoyable Women In Recruitment Lunch; it was held the Barclays head office in Canary Wharf on the 31st floor – note the awesome photo of the view!

So; good company (including would you believe it an ex-FA Cup female footballer, and a tai chi instructor!) focusing on some interesting topics for discussion, a Dale Carnegie host and trainer in Mark Sharatt – and (this list is in no particular order) a rare nice lunch on a Tuesday – what could be better?

The Barclay’s presentation was thought provoking – they help build careers and upskill for those who are disadvantaged – results show that they’ve secured employment for an impressive 1,300 over the last 2 years…

We discussed the barriers the can exist (or are some only perceived?) for women furthering their recruitment careers to the highest level (particularly after a spell of maternity leave – which 2 in the group will be taking soon, how we can re-settle and re-assess with these individuals best upon their return), the choice between a job versus a career, why women may feel an irritant to ‘knock’ on the door for more – thus the importance of confidence and plentiful role models…

We all admired the strong leadership culture where a family balance is taken into account, the boards who actually lead by example e.g. they do collect their children at times! One large recruitment agency runs a successful Keep People Programme – where employees wanting a career have their aspirations and needs actively identified. Commitment on both sides is so key…trust in both the senior and line management, the continued on-going developing of that trust.

Content written by Julie O’Neil
If you want to learn more about Women in recruitment (maybe they will invite you to the next lunch meeting!) feel free to contact my hosts Julie Selby and Nicola Mullarkey.