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Flexible Working Benefits

Some years ago, I was assigned a mandate to headhunt a senior director for a consultancy firm. During my initial phone call to a prospective candidate, there was a sudden silence and I heard a couple of whimpers. “Excuse me” said my candidate, “we have just had a baby and I am feeding her”.

What was […]

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Women in Recruitment Launched

Last week we officially launched Women in Recruitment, with an event in London, bringing together those with a passion for gender diversity in the workplace.
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“Networking is crucial, make friends.”

Jenny Garrett is more than happy to talk about her experiences coaching young women, signing off her email “warm wishes” and sounding bright and friendly on the phone that afternoon. She starts discussing what prompted her book, ‘Rocking Your Role’ published June 2012, and what she wanted to achieve by writing it.

“I read an article […]

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