Women In Recruitment | 5 Interesting takeaways from the Women in Recruitment survey
Women in Recruitment is supported by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), and sponsored by Barclays plc and Squire Patton Boggs. The Committee members are all passionate about ensuring that the industry we have worked in for many years continues to offer exciting but meritocratic opportunities for everyone within it.
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5 Interesting takeaways from the Women in Recruitment survey

Here are our top five takeaways of the survey!

Our favourite insights

1) 66% of women feel that family/caring responsibilities negatively impact their career prospects, and by extension their chances for promotion.

2) 26% of people surveyed work in companies that have more female staff than male.

3) 56% of women responded that they were more likely to stay within recruitment, if they received more recognition for their achievments and contributions.

4) Lack of confidence seems to be a big obstacle to progression, with 41% of respondents highlighting this as negatively impacting their career.

5) Many of the respondents agreed that women need to be more proactive in asking employers what they need to do in order to be promoted.

Source: http://www.cranberrypanda.co.uk/ecommerce-blog-post/the-women-in-recruitment-survey-2015-5-interesting-takeaways.html